Las Vegas Casino on Solar Power

Solar power has been powering the street lights of Las Vegas for some time now. An increasingly cheap option for electricity, especially in the very sunny state of Nevada, solar energy has tremendous potential. It was reported recently that now all 142 government buildings in Las Vegas are now powered by a clean energy source.

A Solar Las Vegas

Las Vegas currently runs all its streetlight on solar power as well as all the government buildings. In addition to this, there are a number of casinos moving in this direction as well. Contrary to popular belief, the whole of Las Vegas is not powered by solar. But it is believed that maybe one day the entire city could be. At this point, however, a huge quarter of the state is powered by clean energy of some sort, including solar energy, geothermal, hydroelectric, and some wind power. The transition to solar only is no easy feat, however, as can be seen by the fact that the city of Las Vegas having worked on plans for this transition for over ten years. The lengthy time frame is mainly because solar panels have been too expensive to equip an entire city.

Solar Casino

It is a complicated process to switch to clean energy, and over time, organizations have been looking at different energy suppliers to aid in this project. MGM Resorts ended up choosing to have its own control over their power supply. Now they are placing their future in renewable energy.

Another example of thinking in terms of clean energy in the casino world is Mr Green casino. The name per say might not stand for clean energy but it sure makes people think in terms of it as a casino which is good to the environment.

Their successful move towards green energy is sparking other companies to follow suit. With such a big company to run, this move towards sustainable energy supplies has reduced their energy usage by 11% and has accounted for huge savings.

Can it be Done?

While it is currently a plan for the future, is an entirely solar powered Las Vegas a possibility. At this time, with companies slowly moving towards green energy, the regular power grid is suffering. With less demand for their product, less money is being made, but this, in turn, raises rates for other companies and amenities. NV Energy is the state energy supplier. They have been attempting to balance their income through a variety of methods. Some less wanted than others. For example, they have recently lessened the amount of money they charge owners of solar panels who send they excess energy to the electrical grid.

The big problem, however, is sustainability. With more companies joining in, the business of green energy is growing larger. But questions loom. Similar to the question of how electric cars can save us, there is the question of how solar power can be utilized fully in Las Vegas. Currently, the spanner in the works though is NV Energy itself. As companies attempt to leave and join this alternative energy initiative, NV makes them pay huge exit fees of which some companies cannot afford. And even those that have left still have to use the transmission lines of NV.

With this exit strategy being so expensive, it is hard to see Las Vegas following through on its plan of becoming 100% renewable energy efficient by the end of 2017.

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