A Quick Guide to Global Warming

Global warming is a much talked about topic. However, often people do not actually know the significance or the ramifications that it can and has on our planet.

What Is Global Warming?

Global warming is a small part of climate change and specifically relates to the Earth’s rising temperature. There has been a gradual escalation over the past few decades and is caused by the increasing amounts of toxic gases being released into the atmosphere. Also known as the greenhouse effect, a number of specific gases are the main culprits with carbon dioxide and methane listed as two of the worst offenders. This effect is also assisted by a number of human factors such as deforestation, energy production, and the burning of fossil fuels to create electricity. These noxious gases then create a layer around the Earth’s atmosphere, which prevents heat from escaping as it would naturally.

Why Is It Bad?

Many people do not even believe this is actually occurring let alone that it is bad. However, irrefutable scientific evidence proves otherwise. The extra heat trapped within the atmosphere of the Earth means that the world experiences higher temperatures than normal, an obvious case study being the polar icecaps.

These have been melting at a dramatic rate over the last few years with devastating results, which include a disturbing rise in the sea level, which could potentially flood low-lying countries and the loss of natural habitat for a large number of endangered species such as the polar bear. This loss of environment means these species are becoming rarer due to the inability to find food and land for procreation or a sustainable environment in which to live. There are many more side effects including glaciers melting and ocean acidification through more carbon dioxide being absorbed into the water. It is hard to believe that some still resist the reality of global warming. The changes to the environment also result in arguments that for some areas it stands as a benefit.

Some scientists argue that global warming is improving areas like the Amazon and promoting faster growth in forests. However, this is only in isolated areas. For the majority, this is still a negative and far outweighs any likely positives. Our welcome to scenes.org.uk will give you some useful information and new facts to take home and ponder over. Ultimately, BE the change you want to see.

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